The Pearl of the Prosperous Caribbean: Frederick A. Morton, Jr. Continues to Rule the Cultural Landscape of the Region

When you step into the West Indies region, you should always be mentally prepared to fall in love at first sight with the green-capped peaks, bewitching rainforests, scenic beaches, and beautiful ocean that contains a whole kingdom of amazing water species.  But that’s not the only thing that will capture your heart. The Caribbean islands are a bastion of cultural diversity and have been living shoulder to shoulder in a sheer display of peaceful coexistence for decades despite having many differences. 

Frederick A. Morton, Jr. believes love and brotherhood to be the ethos of Caribbean culture – the culture he himself has widely promoted in almost every nook and cranny of North and South America. The founder of TEMPO Networks, Frederick is a passionate lover of the land he was born in and pledges to do everything in his power for its prosperity and promotion. 

So far, he has earned the name of the Cultural Ambassador of the Caribbean. Having a solid professional and academic background in law, Frederick has strived beyond his power and capabilities to streamline the neglected Caribbean arts and culture and promote the region the way it deserves to be. He skipped his decade-old successful legal career to start TEMPO Networks in a bid to lay the foundation of a media network solely focused on the Caribbean peninsula. 

And it turned out to be an absolute masterpiece. After the Network started its operations in 2005 across the Caribbean and the US, regional travel instantly increased and people thronged many places that they discovered through TEMPO Networks. Besides that, the artists of the islands finally got a helping hand in the shape of the Network as they were now able to earn a living showcasing their art and talent to the Caribbean audiences. 

TEMPO Networks also helped in debunking many myths about the West Indies. There is, for sure, always room for improvement in governance matters and the authorities should be focused on prominent issues like eradicating poverty, but the Caribbean wasn’t as underdeveloped and ‘uncivilized’ as the foreign media perceived it to be. The artists like Rihanna and many others, to whom TEMPO provided a platform and who now enjoy international celebrity status, helped dissipate such unfounded and misplaced ideas. 

The Caribbean ushered in as a progressive nation that takes pride in its identity and has preserved and protected centuries-old culture and tradition despite being a neighbor to America. Thanks to Frederick, the islanders dwelling inside the US also got, for the first time, an opportunity to experience ‘all things Caribbean’ right on their TV screens. Even though living miles away, they could now visit places or enjoy folk music from the comfort of their couch. 

These are only a few achievements of Frederick and his TEMPO Networks that we can fit on this page – if we start recording all the triumphs of this passionate Caribbean, we definitely will need a book. But even that doesn’t seem far-off. If he continues to rule the cultural landscape of the Caribbean and showcase more of the immeasurable treasure of the region, we might have a book on him sooner rather than later!

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