Hustlers University Review

Hustlers University is a program run by Andrew Tate that claims to teach people how to make money online. It is targeted at young men in their 20s who are cash-poor and time-rich. While it is now closed, the course once offered a 50% recurring commission affiliate program. This incentivizes members to recommend it to others and make money.

The Real World Campus

Hustlers University, now rebranded as The Real World, is a collection of online money-making courses run by former 4x kickboxing world champion Andrew Tate. It has several different components, including a discord community that provides a variety of business models and methods for making money online. The community also offers a basic affiliate program that incentivizes members to promote the course.

Tate uses his aggressive beliefs and hypermasculine personality to attract subscribers who are often socially inhibited. He boasts of his millionaire status in videos that go viral across social media platforms, attracting new members to the school. He claims that the lessons he provides will make them rich quickly. Tate makes most of his money by selling his course, and by promoting it on social media platforms, which gives him a big advantage over competitors. The Real World Campus is a fresh take on 3.0 and has loads of practical information. Its only drawback is the amount of content, which can be overwhelming for newcomers to online business. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent option for beginners to learn the basics of creating a profitable online business.

The Real World Campus has various lesson plans, including a course on running your own webcam studio, managing an OnlyFans account, and building casinos. The program also includes a discord server where students can discuss their success and ask questions. The program is available for $50 a month, and it has an affiliate program that allows students to earn a commission on every sale they generate. While some students have complained that the course is not worth the price, others have lavished praise on it. One user even told a staff member that he would be ashamed to cancel his membership.

The War Room Campus

Hustlers University has several different campuses, each of which teaches a different way to make money. The courses include stock trading, crypto, e-commerce, and freelancing. Each course is taught by an entrepreneur who has achieved significant success in their field. The goal of the program is to help people achieve financial independence. The program also offers a community of like-minded people who can support and motivate each other to succeed. One of the most popular campuses of hustlers university is The War Room Campus. The program teaches students to become successful entrepreneurs by teaching them how to start and grow their business. It also teaches them to use social media to promote their business. This is a great way to get the word out about your business and increase sales. The program teaches students how to create their own website and learn how to use SEO and Google Adwords to generate traffic.

The program also teaches the basics of marketing and copywriting. The goal is to help people build a stable income online. However, it is important to note that it takes more than basic affiliate marketing knowledge to make a substantial income online. In addition, the program is not as effective as it claims to be.

The program is not a pyramid scheme, but it does feel like a scam because it relies on people to promote the course for a commission. There are also many negative reviews on Trustpilot. Most of them are from people who were incentivized to promote the course. In the end, it is best to avoid Hustlers University and invest your time in a more reputable program. However, if you want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, I recommend starting with the Copywriting Campus.

The Stocks Campus

The Stocks Campus of hustlers university offers a variety of courses and resources to help you make money online. It also provides millionaire mentors and an international community to support you in your success journey. The program is designed for beginners and includes step-by-step courses, as well as a recommendation system that matches students with the best course for their skill level. The courses are practical and include a mixture of text, video, and audio lessons. The site also features a free trial for prospective students. In order to gain traction, Hustlers University has been promoted by popular Twitch personalities like Hasan Abi. This has fueled hostility against the program from a broad section of the streaming community. However, this may be just part of the marketing plan. In fact, the Hustlers University program is not a scam in the traditional sense, but it is a pyramid scheme that pays affiliates to promote it.

The stock market is an important source of income for many people, and the Stocks Campus teaches students how to trade options. The lessons are based on real world examples and feature expert-level instruction from experienced options traders. However, the stock market is a volatile business, and it is not suitable for everyone. The E-Com campus of hustlers university is another great way to make money online. It provides students with detailed information about dropshipping and other e-commerce models. It also covers topics like branding, Shopify, and organic traffic. Although the E-Com campus is not as comprehensive as other HU courses, it has decent value for its price. One recent graduate of the program, Nox, says that he learned skills to earn an extra $3,000 per month from the platform.

The E-Com Campus

This campus teaches you how to start an eCommerce business, which is a great way to make money online. The course has a lot of videos and is organized in an easy-to-understand’start to finish’ model. The training is also broken down into sections to help you prioritize the topics that you want to focus on. It also includes an affiliate program that pays you a 50% commission for every sale you refer. The E-Com Campus is a community-based program that shares tried-and-tested online business models, primarily for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Its founder, Andrew Tate, is a former kickboxer who has built his own empire by leveraging his social media presence as an influencer and entrepreneur. He has even been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines. The university has a low enrolment fee of $50 per month and offers a range of one-on-one tutoring-based skill-learning programmes.

While the university has its fair share of controversies, the program is making waves thanks to frequent student success stories and mass viral marketing. However, it is important to separate the controversies from its actual value and credibility. Hustlers University is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online. The courses cover a wide variety of topics, including copywriting, crypto, and even stock market trading. However, some of the training may feel disjointed and is often difficult to navigate. The course also has a no-refund policy, which may be a turnoff for some learners. Despite these drawbacks, the university is still worth trying.

The Business Campus

If you’re looking for a course that will teach you how to make money online, then Hustlers University is the perfect place to start. This course offers a variety of courses that are designed for beginners and is backed by a live coach who will help you reach your goals. It also features a community where you can connect with other members and learn new skills. Andrew Tate is a well-known YouTube personality and businessman who has made millions of dollars from his content. However, his controversial rhetoric has led to him being banned from several social media platforms. He has also been accused of misogynistic and harmful rhetoric toward women. In addition, his content has been accused of promoting harmful behavior in young men and boys. Despite this, he continues to create content that attracts thousands of followers.


The Business Campus is a collection of courses that teach students how to make money online. These lessons include strategies for creating a passive income and creating affiliate marketing campaigns. They are geared for beginners and are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The Business Campus is also backed by a live coach, who can provide advice and guidance to students.

In the introductory video for the Business Campus, Andrew Tate claims that his course can help you escape the matrix. He also shows off his Bugatti Veyron and boasts that his students have gotten rich quickly. However, his success doesn’t have anything to do with the business model he promotes.