What are Some Common Issues that Students Experience During the Admissions Process?

Applying to college can be a challenging journey for many students seeking higher education. They may face obstacles such as uncertainty about their path, how to prepare compelling applications or difficulty meeting the extensive requirements required by most colleges and universities. 

In this article we will look at some of these issues and make some practical suggestions to address them.  College consulting companies like Princeton College Consulting (PCC) can also lend a helping hand and guide students toward a successful future.

Uncertainty about the Application Requirements

Students often struggle with doubts regarding the various application requirements of different universities, including which documents must be submitted and their respective deadlines. In short, they need help.

To avoid this issue, students should start by thoroughly reviewing application instructions provided by each university on their website, and admission counselors at PCC can act as knowledgeable guiding lights to help them sort out any confusion. 

Difficulty with Essays

Writing high quality admission essays is a prerequisite for students to stand out from their peers, and the process can significantly challenge even the best of students. They require a helping hand with brainstorming ideas, telling their story, creating structure to enhance readability, and editing their work. Additionally, they may have difficulty expressing themselves in a compelling way that showcases their character strengths. 

To overcome this hurdle, students should start the process early and write and revise their essays over numerous drafts. They should also go as far as seeking feedback from teachers, counselors, or peers who can offer constructive criticism and suggest ways to improve. 

Financial Concerns

Financial concerns are real and can hinder a student’s progress toward higher education. Students may worry about covering college expenses, as tuition, textbooks, and other costs can be overwhelming.

Moreover, students are recommended to opt for financial aid options and scholarships offered by the university they intend to enroll in. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be their way to handle economic issues, and assistance can be given by filling out the Free Application form. 

Test Anxiety

Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT can be a source of anxiety and stress for students. They stress about their test performance, impacting their chances of getting into the schools of their choice.

Instead of cramming a month or two before the exam, the best practice should be to start preparing for the exam well in advance and do so over time in order to avoid last minute test anxiety. Students can engage with study guides and enroll in test prep courses. First, PCC’s consultants can help you determine which test to take by administering a calibrated SAT / ACT Diagnostic. Once armed with your results, they will know which test you are likely to perform better on, they will have a baseline score to help determine how much of a gap you need to close given schools you are interested in and then they will be able to guide you on how much preparation you will need and when to start preparing. 


Each year, admissions rates at top schools are getting lower and lower. Students can easily become disheartened by the fact that submitting a quality application still may only have a small chance of being admitted. Here they should be encouraged to focus on their strengths and accomplishments to combat these emotions; but also to build a balanced college list at various levels of selectivity..

However, to maximize chances of success, they should showcase their individual qualities (ie character strengths) and experiences in their application materials, like essays, recommendation letters, interviews and resumes. 

Navigate the Admissions Process

To confidently navigate the admissions process and find the right university, students should handle these common problems. Considering the valuable guidance and counseling expertise provided by professionals, such as college consulting companies, can be immensely beneficial. For instance, Princeton College Consulting (PCC) offers comprehensive support to students in their journey toward higher education. 

Additionally, PCC’s Counselor on Retainer focuses on providing strategic advice and resources to parents of elementary and middle school students so that they can help parents make informed decisions at a foundational point of their children’s lives. This program empowers parents and equips them with the necessary information to advance their child’s educational journey. 

If you require guidance and reliable counseling expertise, visit Princeton College Consulting’s website, as they have a top-tier team working for them to enhance your academic experience.

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